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That Brain is a small start-up company in Stockholm currently focusing on creating video games. But a company is not just the products it makes – a company is people, ambitions and dreams. And we believe That Brain is the seed of something that will grow into an amazing shape, a constellation of individuals to play a big part in defining the future of entertainment.

We are creative futurists, curious and critical, competent and compassionate. We know interactive entertainment can connect people, spread ideas and knowledge, and help people balance and enjoy their lives. We create because we love it, because we can’t wait to be there and build for the future as it is rushing towards us.

Today it may be just a prototype for a PC or an iPad, tomorrow it may be fully immersive and augmented by artificial emotion.

We look for people who share our visions and complement our competencies. Right now, this means the following:


We need someone who writes, who can think up amazing characters and their stories, and who can tell a tale about everything from an empire to a piece of furniture.

Can you write? Can you describe equipment that no one has used and personal destinies that no one has experienced? Then you should let us know.


We need someone who codes, who is always thinking four steps ahead, who keeps creative processes organized and spends hours to save days of work for other people.

Can you code? Can you stop yourself from reinventing wheels and jump directly to improving on ball bearings? Then we want you around.

That Brain is completely free of external funding and influence. This means that until our creations generate any revenues, all work we do is awarded with shares in the company. We prefer applicants who have other paid part-time or freelance work, and that are willing to spend a slice of their time on their own projects, even at the risk of no financial reward.

We have travelled the world and lived in London and Shanghai. We have worked with mobile games and AAA games, quirky games and violent games. We have been asked to work for some of the best companies in the business. Yet we chose to come back here, to Stockholm, to start our own. Because we think we’re in the right place, at the right time, and that this is our most exciting option.

If you’re curious about the opportunity to work with us or engage us as freelancers, please send an email to!

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